Opposites Attract

Paul Muller. Opposites Attract 2Paul Muller claims to have both personality and charisma, but Stanley steals the show! Stanley is a Great Dane with a great heart.  His sidekick, Gus, came to the household as a (tiny!) rescue duckling, and the two formed quite a bond. Gus has gotten large enough to be released at a local park, but still comes out of the water to greet Stanley when he visits.

Paul Muller. Opposites Attract 1Paul and his wife make a habit of rescuing all manner of wildlife – having boarded dogs, cats, squirrels, raccoons, birds, pigs and even the odd skunk or two.  Yeah, try finding a foster home for some of those!  They take pride in the results of the Muller Zoo, and enjoy the permanent zoo residents Stanley, Dave the Lab, and Delilah the cat!

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