We’re All Around You

Alamo Heights Municipal Complex, San Antonio, Texas

Alamo Heights Municipal Complex, San Antonio, Texas

And we are out to prove it.  San Antonio has taken the lead in displaying the new Alpha job site banners for 2014. Initial shipments of the banners have been sent to San Antonio and Houston. Fort Worth is next, with a re-order scheduled for Dallas next week. Our goal in 2014 is to have that sign on as many high profile, high traffic job sites as possible.

Alpha’s “All Around You” campaign will maximize the Alpha logo “A” image in everything we do in 2014. We knew we were on to something good back in 2009, and have made solid use of it to date. True confirmation came from the 8 year old child of a senior architect and client. At the 2013 Low Hoop Slama Jama, the youth noticed the Alpha logo on a business card and said, “Dad, I recognize that, we have it on a cup at home.”

From the mouth of babes.

Simple, visible from the street (and at speed), and clear, we work the name in –for those that need it– by including the website address. At the Alamo Heights Municipal complex (above) we get our point across, and give a viewer a reason to go to our website.

Alpha Testing, Inc. Logo

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