Ride for the Brand

There is an old cowboy saying “work for the man, ride for the brand.”

In response to the need of a brand for which to ride, one of the earliest Alpha Testing, Inc. logos made its appearance in the DFW market in the mid 1980’s.  And did it look like an actual cattle brand, one that could have been done with a running iron!  Today, I see that strong engineering influence – straight lines and single color.

Alpha Testing, Inc. 1986

Alpha Testing, Inc. 1986

Stayed tuned for snapshots of the evolution of the Alpha Testing, Inc. logo.  If you have examples of older logos of our contemporaries, send them to Jeff Wilt.

Note: I first heard of that cowboy saying when reading about the King Ranch.  The story of that ranch is rich with Texas history, and the ranch is worth a visit when in south Texas.

Alpha Testing, Inc. Logo

One response to “Ride for the Brand

  1. Hey Wilty – this is a cool idea!! It will be fun to see the changes!

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