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Aggies in Dallas!

Max McGough- Alpha Testing

Max McGough joined the development team in Dallas on Feb 3, 2014.  A 2013 Aggie (whoop!) with a reported single-digit handicap, he also finds time to support the Cowboys, Mavericks, and the Rangers.  As part of his degree in Environmental Science, he was required to study abroad in South Africa for a semester – generating a passion for traveling.  In his down time, he will probably be on the greens or kammocking (hammock camping).

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Barking Dog Café – Lyons, CO

This place is one I plan to check out on vacation this summer. (If anyone gets there first, post an update!).  Located in Lyons, CO, the Barking Dog Café reportedly has a special Nutella latte. Never had one. Gotta have one. I have no idea what Nutella is. (Picture from the Barking Dog Café Facebook page)

Barking Dog Cafe

On a side note, I am not a fan of radio personalities that talk on morning radio shows. I am especially not a fan of commercials or talk segments on a satellite radio station, as I subscribe to the service for the uninterrupted music.

However……., the Barking Dog and the crazy Nutella latte, as mentioned on the Sirrius XM Satellite Radio channel 59 The Highway,  ……led to this idea.  Go figure!

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Aggies in San Antonio

San Antonio has a new Business Development Associate, Kristen Bowzer, who graduated fKristen Bowzer  - Alpha Testingrom Texas A&M in 2010 (Go Aggies!). Kristen loves to spend time with her husband and her little dog Zoe. On the weekends, she spends her time out on her relatives’ ranch in Blanco, TX, floating the river in the Hill Country, or having competitive game nights with friends and family. She is interested in Fantasy Football, the Texans, A&M, and rumor has it, Ford Mustangs.

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Marketers OR Bakers?

Valentines Day 2014 - Bakers or Marketers? - Alpha Testing, Inc.

This Valentine’s Day, Alpha’s Dallas office was surprised with goodies and treats to celebrate! Hats off to both of our Marketing Bakers: Marianne Stanton and Crystal Martin.

After hours of preparation, they are proud to present pink rice crispy treats, red velvet cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, and assorted candies.

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Mavericks in Fort Worth

Jeromi Kelsey - Alpha Testing, Inc.Alpha’s Fort Worth office welcomes Jeromi Kelsey, EIT, who got his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington. (Go Mavericks!) Jeromi is interested in sports including softball, tennis, and mountain biking. For the last five years, he has played softball as part of a community team called “The Righteous”. He has one dog named Charlie, she is part Golden Retriever and part Lab. On the weekends you might find Jeromi Umpiring at Softball World or out hunting with his friends.

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