Barking Dog Café – Lyons, CO

This place is one I plan to check out on vacation this summer. (If anyone gets there first, post an update!).  Located in Lyons, CO, the Barking Dog Café reportedly has a special Nutella latte. Never had one. Gotta have one. I have no idea what Nutella is. (Picture from the Barking Dog Café Facebook page)

Barking Dog Cafe

On a side note, I am not a fan of radio personalities that talk on morning radio shows. I am especially not a fan of commercials or talk segments on a satellite radio station, as I subscribe to the service for the uninterrupted music.

However……., the Barking Dog and the crazy Nutella latte, as mentioned on the Sirrius XM Satellite Radio channel 59 The Highway,  ……led to this idea.  Go figure!

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