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Janish – Crunch Time Specialist

Tony Janish - Alpha Testing - SMU Senior Project 2014Tony Janish, PE, and his SMU Senior Engineering Project team have worked all year together, both at SMU and at the Alpha offices (shown).  The engineering students have chosen to design a water retention dam “somewhere in east Texas”, using hydrologic data and subsurface information to recommend methods to create a stable dam feature based on cost effective design.  Graduation is almost here, and that has redefined crunch time!  We wish the team well, and congratulates them on their achievements to date!  Want more on the SMU engineering program? (Click here). If you are interested in participating in the mentoring program, request more information here.

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At the Old Ball Game!

On a personal sports note:  The University of Arkansas Club Baseball Team, recognized and supported as an official University program, has been ranked in the top 15 nationally this season. This is only their second full year of collegiate play – and they have made the first round of national playoffs!  The rankings and the playoffs are the first in Arkansas club baseball history.

Alpha’s own lab rat, Casey Wilt, and another player created this team in their freshman year, bringing the sport back to Arkansas after a 10 year hiatus.  Round one is against top seed Illinois.  Wish them well in St. Louis this weekend, as leaders, players, and Razorbacks.

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First In Service – San Antonio

Founders Award Steven CasanovaCongratulations to Steve Casanova, San Antonio winner of the “Where it All Begins” award for 2013, and thank you for all that you do for Alpha. This Award is given in recognition of performance exemplifying the “Alpha Way” – First in Service to clients, co-workers, and the community. One co-worker commented, “I personally have more clients reach out to me to say good things about Steve than anyone else.  He operates, believes, and lives the Alpha way. He takes on more than he needs to, helps everyone around him, and never complains.”

Steve has been with Alpha for 9 years.  He originally started out as a technician and is now our head Project Manager. The most important thing in his life is his family and friends, he is a huge Spurs fan, his fantasy football name is “TheUglyCasanova”, and he enjoys long walks on the beach.

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Agora – Houston, TX

Agora Coffee - Houston Texas - ViewAlpha sent Hunter on the search for a great coffee stop in the Houston area today, and it looks like he found a keeper. Agora has a really neat, welcoming atmosphere! There is a ton of shaded outdoor seating and a lot of old couches and tables inside (so seating isn’t a problem). The patio was apparently full of university kids this afternoon (not surprising, given the proximity to Rice and St. Thomas).

Agora Coffee - Houston Texas

Chai Tea Latte & Almond Cookie

Agora offers a wide variety of coffees, teas and baked treats. “I ordered an iced chai latte and an almond cookie (Don’t judge me! I usually get black coffee but that sounded too boring for a blog post). I almost splurged and got baklava but resisted the urge and went for the cookie instead.” Thanks for leaving a little mystery Hunter, now somebody go try that baklava!

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Mentor Extraordinaire

As member of the UTSA Civil Engineering Advisory Board, John Styron, PE, LEED AP, is often asked to come out and assist engineering students. In March, he was a member of a panel of senior professionals that offered career guidance ideas to a civil engineering class, and then answered student questions in an open discussion.

John Styron - Alpha Testing - San Antonio

John Styron stealing the spotlight!

The panelists included registered engineers from Alpha Testing, Jaster-Quintanilla, Pape-Dawson, and CP&Y. Afterward, the panel was given a tour to showcase the latest environmental and geotechnical research at the university. John says he loves helping out with his former school and teaching when he can.   “I also like to give those, in the position I once was in, a view of what their life will be – once they get out into the work world”.

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