Agora – Houston, TX

Agora Coffee - Houston Texas - ViewAlpha sent Hunter on the search for a great coffee stop in the Houston area today, and it looks like he found a keeper. Agora has a really neat, welcoming atmosphere! There is a ton of shaded outdoor seating and a lot of old couches and tables inside (so seating isn’t a problem). The patio was apparently full of university kids this afternoon (not surprising, given the proximity to Rice and St. Thomas).

Agora Coffee - Houston Texas

Chai Tea Latte & Almond Cookie

Agora offers a wide variety of coffees, teas and baked treats. “I ordered an iced chai latte and an almond cookie (Don’t judge me! I usually get black coffee but that sounded too boring for a blog post). I almost splurged and got baklava but resisted the urge and went for the cookie instead.” Thanks for leaving a little mystery Hunter, now somebody go try that baklava!

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