Helping Others

It is from a place of gratitude that we give back to the community. Each of our communities in Texas has been a bountiful provider of work for Alpha and I am constantly looking for meaningful ways to give back — to simply say “thanks” or do our part to improve the quality of life for those around us.

Alpha sponsors events and community activities all the time. You may hear of our participation in a golf tournament, clay shoot, or 5K run. What I intend for us all to know is that each sponsorship financially benefits a specific cause. In 2014, one 5K raised funds for academic scholarships. A golf tournament raised money for hopeful, 13 year old hockey players on the Dallas Stars Elite Hockey Club. The 17th Annual Hunt Construction Golf Tournament benefited the Assistance League of Greater Collin County. Another golf tournament supported Honduran Mission and Relief. I hope that as part of the Alpha family, you are proud that Alpha supports these and other causes with our time, talent and resources.

In September, we will support an event close to our Alpha family, a walk to raise money for Type 1 Diabetes. Brian Powell’s daughter Hannah is walking in the event, as she is afflicted with the disease herself. I hope many of you can come out in support of Hannah! Visit our Facebook page for more info about the event and sign up for Hannah’s team Here.

I know others within the Alpha family have personally contributed their time, talents, and money to their chosen causes. Let me share these service stories with the rest of Alpha!

Let me know if we can help in some fashion. Is there an event that needs volunteers? Know of a bake sale that needs workers, baked goods, or hungry buyers? Is there a walk, run, tournament or other event for which I can consider sponsorship? At the least, I can work to connect interested co-workers to your events and causes.

Together, we can make a difference! JGWAlpha Testing, Inc. Logo

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