Healthy Competition

Canstruction - Olaf What has food and metal in the same structure? CANsculptures do! Canstruction (not a misspelling) gives a new meaning to food drives. The charity hosts a unique event where teams are challenged to design and build a creative structure made entirely of canned food. At the end of the competition, all cans are donated to local food banks.

Alpha sponsored Overland Partners to help alleviate hunger in San Antonio. Their project, called Let Hunger Go, featured Olaf the snowman from the Disney movie Frozen. The sculpture, made from 3,500 tuna, salmon, and coffee cans, won structural ingenuity, which is saying a lot… The projects are currently being displayed at the North Star Mall and will be donated to the San Antonio Food Bank.

It seems that there is nothing CANstruction can’t do. Might not be the best building material for everything, but sure is fun to look at!

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