Alpha Warriors!

Alpha Warriors Tour BusEvery year, Alpha hosts a Christmas party for staff and family to celebrate not only the holiday at hand, but also the successes of the year. Offices unite, Founder’s awards are bestowed, and food is consumed. However, last year’s 2014 Christmas Party took a slight detour from the usual agenda as the Alpha Warriors took the stage. Our very own Alpha Village People – Homebuilder Hillhouse, Policeman Powell, Cowboy Combs, Warrior Wilt, Officer Janish, and Sailor Stettner danced their way through the “YMCA”. We’ll let the quotes identify themselves…

“The strangest part was walking through the hotel in costume.”
“I always wanted to be a cop.”
“Not sure about those leather pants.”
“The headdress and all those feathers was the first hair on top of my head in years.”

What will happen at the next Alpha Christmas Party? The bar has been set and the challenge awaits – what Alpha group will step up in 2015?Alpha Testing, Inc. Logo

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