Where has your Alpha “A” Been?

JW in Grand CanyonYou’ll need your camera for this one! Alpha is having a photo contest for all offices to see where our Alpha logo has traveled… or will travel!

Find or take a picture of you with the Alpha “A” in a cool spot, be it the Grand Canyon (Jeff Wilt), South Africa (Brian Powell), at a western pleasure horse competition (Jeff Thomas), at a cool job site, or wherever – just make sure you can see that Alpha logo!

So grab your Alpha mug, t-shirt, backpack, hat… etc. (and someone to take the picture) to your next destination! See Jeff Wilt’s picture as an example. Submit your photo by email to Marybeth by November 20, 2015. Photos will be judged on creativity and winners will be announced at each Alpha Christmas Party! Good luck!

A flyer with contest details will be around the offices soon!Alpha Testing logo

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