Muckers Making a Difference

Alpha Testing, IncHere’s a 5K with a little mud on it. The MuckFest MS Houston is a 3 mile obstacle run with a unique twist – by the end of the race you might be a little dirty. Sean Bowman, Heath Helgeson, Estela Garza, and Eva Torres braved the mud on Saturday. And from the looks of the
before and after shots, it seemed like a success. The 5K benefits the National Multiple Sclerosis Alpha Testing, IncSociety and travels to major cities across the U.S. Runners are challenged to 19 obstacles throughout the course and with names like Triple Pits, Crash Landing, and Skid Mark… who wouldn’t want to try? The race is followed by the MuckFestival with music, games, fuel, and hydration. Will you be the next Mucker?

Alpha Testing, Inc


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