Alpha Air Borne

Alpha Testing, Inc

Pictured: (Left to Right) Yasser Abdelhamid, Mathai Panachakunnel, Scott Taylor, Brian Hoyt, Tony Janish, Andrew Adams, Brian Powell, David Schledorn, Jeromi Kelsey, Harsha Addula, and Blain Lehman

Our Alpha Geotechnical department suited up for a little indoor skydiving at iFLY in Frisco – Gasp! during the work week!! Lucky for them, the flight was before the big thanksgiving meal… a timely decision indeed. iFly Geo Team 2

No jumping out of airplanes at this place, but the flight chamber creates the feeling of free falling, and if you close your eyes, it just might seem real. Is this group ready for formal jump school?  See our iFLY project in Houston on our Facebook page. Which department will earn their wings next?

Alpha Testing, Inc

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