Painting with Alpha

Alpha Testing, Inc.

(Left to Right) KaRonna Jeter, Marianne Stanton, Kristen Bowzer, Marybeth Kirkpatrick, Courtney Campbell. Not pictured: Robert Boone (because it was girls night)

Painting with a Twist had five Alpha visitors on Wednesday, February 10 and from the looks of it, Alpha now has five artists too. The evening’s activity was the aftermath of a two day, homeschool-style K12 Training for Marketing and Business Development, taught by our own Jeff Wilt with support from Marianne Stanton. What will be on the canvas next year?

Alpha Testing, Inc


One response to “Painting with Alpha

  1. Great idea . . . looks like five ladies enjoyed the evening. Can’t wait to see you and your painting in person, MB!

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