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Forecast: Chance of Moon Pies

Alpha Testing, IncOnce again, the month of April has not disappointed us with its promise to bring April Showers. From baseball-size hail to flooding offices, this month has been notorious for some interesting weather. But did you know that it also rained Moon Pies at Alpha? Chairman Jim Hillhouse visited the Dallas office last Tuesday with a big bag full of these classic treats, breaking up the silence (and some growling stomachs) throughout the office. Haven’t had a Moon Pie yet? Find them here!

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Press Coffee – San Antonio, TX

Alpha Testing, Inc.Press Coffee has local flavor with a side of history. The shop sits in a renovated house which, over the years, has transformed from a carriage house to a pharmacy to a hair salon, and finally (of course) to a coffee shop. Keeping with the historic theme, Press Coffee has a warrior for a logo and a dangerously good menu written on salvaged saw blades. They serve all your coffee cravings, breakfast tacos, and pastries seven days a week. Add this one to your San Antonio list!

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Career Day!

Junior Hernandez and Alberto Flores went back to sixth grade last Friday at the D.A. Hulcy STEAM Middle School Career Day. The school is one of two new Transformation Schools in Dallas ISD that opened its doors for the 2015 school year. The “STEAM” stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Not hard to guess which one Alpha focused on! Junior and Alberto spread the love of engineering and our Alpha world to dozens of curious sixth graders. And who knows, maybe some of them will be Alpha interns one day!

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March Training Madness

Alpha’s business development and marketing team hit the books (and pins) in March during a three day training event. For the first time this year, our BD/MKTG team was under one roof – we even got some of the engineering staff involved the first day! But don’t worry, it wasn’t all hard work and no play.

Tuesday lunch was held at the Omni with a visit from Brian Powell and Wednesday evening the bowling began at Pin Stack. Strikes, gutter balls, turkeys, a few granny shots, and great company were all part of the team bonding event. Who had the wicked spin? We’ll never tell.

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Where the Wildflowers Are

Alpha Testing, Inc.Here at Alpha, we deal with Texas soil all day, every day – it’s our expertise! Knowing soil conditions is essential for construction, but it’s also crucial for finding those Texas wildflowers since plants are influenced by various soil conditions. Give an Alpha Geotechnical Engineer a botany lesson and you’ll have one heck of a wildflower guide! But for now, here’s an article to help you find those Texas wildflowers across the state.

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