Destination Alpha

Alpha Testing, Inc.Alpha had some unexpected visitors in our Geotechnical Lab last week. Seven 5th Graders from Cabell Elementary School, joined by their teachers and parents, came to Alpha for the use of our compression testing machine. After dominating the local, state, and national competition, the group was preparing for their trip in May to the Destination Imagination Global Finals at the University of Tennessee to compete in the structural challenge.

Under the direction of Attef Abushakra, PE and Jared Pitchforth, the students compared the strength of two identical wooden structures (one made of balsa wood, the other of bass wood) to see which material would outdo the other. With safety goggles on, the students watched their creations bear over 1,000 lbs each… guess that’s why they have a spot at the Global Finals! In the end, balsa wood won withstanding 1,120 lbs. We wish Cabell Elementary School the best of luck at their competition!

Alpha Testing, Inc

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