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Fried Texas Dirt

Alpha TestingIt’s hard to believe the State Fair of Texas opens tomorrow. As the longest-running fair in the nation, the State Fair celebrates all things Texan from September 29 – October 22. There are so many activities and Fair traditions to look forward to. One that has continued to gain popularity is fried cuisine, which has become a staple.

Every year since 2005, The State Fair has hosted the Big Tex Awards for Fair food creations. Among the semi-finalists this year is Fried Texas Dirt. If it’s anything like the dirt Alpha analyzes in our laboratories, that Texas clay might be a little chewy. However, rumor has it that Oreo’s are the key ingredient instead, which sounds much more appetizing.

Alpha Testing

The fried Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are a must try. Let us know what fried Fair food is YOUR favorite!

Alpha Testing

Taking a Bite out of Hunger

Did you know we have CANstruction in San Antonio too? This year, Alpha sponsored Kimley-Horn and PBK to design and build “NOTABURGER”. The CANstructure took 3,800 cans to create and included Sloppy Joe sauce, black beans, diced tomatoes, stewed tomatoes, and green beans. NOTABURGER won the Best Meal award, given to the structure made up of the most versatile and nutritious combination of canned food. The CANstructures will be displayed at the North Star Mall until September 23, then all cans will be deCANstructed and donated to the San Antonio Food Bank. Make sure to vote for NOTABURGER for the People’s Choice Awards!

Alpha Testing

One Step at a Time

It’s CANstruction Season in Dallas at North Park Mall. Alpha Testing has teamed with Archer Western, HNTB, and DGR Consultants for our CANstructure. 16,000 canned goods make up the spiral staircase that represents our team’s theme “change comes one step at a time”. This is Alpha’s third year to participate in this international design/build competition that benefits the North Texas Food Bank.

North Park Mall is hosting this year’s competition, with 27 teams participating. Designs will be displayed from September 9-23 and are located on the first floor in the eastern half of the mall. Come see the CANstructures for yourself and make sure to vote for our team in the People’s Choice Award!

Alpha Testing

Back to School 2017

Alpha TestingHere’s a look at our Alpha Testing kiddos on their first day of school. For some, the first of many to come, for others, the last “first day of school”, and a candlelight ceremony for Tarleton State college students. Thanks to all who sent in pictures!

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