Fried Texas Dirt

Alpha TestingIt’s hard to believe the State Fair of Texas opens tomorrow. As the longest-running fair in the nation, the State Fair celebrates all things Texan from September 29 – October 22. There are so many activities and Fair traditions to look forward to. One that has continued to gain popularity is fried cuisine, which has become a staple.

Every year since 2005, The State Fair has hosted the Big Tex Awards for Fair food creations. Among the semi-finalists this year is Fried Texas Dirt. If it’s anything like the dirt Alpha analyzes in our laboratories, that Texas clay might be a little chewy. However, rumor has it that Oreo’s are the key ingredient instead, which sounds much more appetizing.

Alpha Testing

The fried Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are a must try. Let us know what fried Fair food is YOUR favorite!

Alpha Testing

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