35 years. Thank you.

Alpha TestingI am, however politically incorrect, a devotee of the internal combustion engine (ICE), and the vehicles that they power.  You can have your battery powered anything, golf carts included. But I digress.

As a fan of the ICE, I subscribe to Top Gear (automobiles) and Rider (motorcycles) magazines in the print, actually-mailed-to-me editions.  In the last quarter, these monthly publications celebrated their 300th and 500th issues, respectively.  If Alpha Testing ® was a magazine, Alpha would be publishing our 420th issue this month.

There was some commonality in the content within these two milestone publications, and I find some commonality with Alpha itself as we contemplate our first 35 years.

Each magazine celebrated the original and continuing purpose that would set the magazine apart, the purpose that set the USP for each, the one that made the original staff believe they could fill an unmet need and be valid in an already overcrowded market.  Alpha faced the same challenges, and also celebrates our USP – being first in service, by embracing and solving client needs daily.

Each magazine featured some retrospective aspect, touching on the evolving products, haircuts, and fashion over the years.  All this in an attempt to both laugh at themselves and to provide context and continuity to the reader.  Alpha has been there through it all as well – you should see the pictures – continuously providing trusted engineering that clients use to drive the success of their businesses.

Each magazine boldly states that they remain committed to bringing the best in investigative, creative, and entertaining news to their subscribers, as their industries continue to evolve.  Alpha also brings the best in investigative studies, and is constantly finding creative solutions for our clients in an evolving market.

We are, however, still working on that ‘entertaining’ part.

Each magazine closed with a sincere thank you to their client base, as will I.  Without their subscribers, and Alpha without our clients, the numbers 300, 420, and 500 never would have been reached.

35 years.  I thank you sincerely.

Jeffrey G. Wilt, PG
Executive Principal
Alpha Testing, Inc.

Alpha Testing

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