About WIAB83

WIAB83 is geared to provide something of value and something fun on a regular basis from Alpha Testing, Inc.

If you are looking for the “cold hard facts” about Alpha in terms of our services, visit www.alphatesting.com. If you want to see highlights from selected current projects, visit us on Facebook. LinkedIN provides additional background on our technical staff, as well as relevant professional news.

Now, enjoy!

Where it All Begins

Where DOES it all begin? With the individuals that make up Alpha Testing, Inc. Our  people really do work to live (imagine that!) – see just what some of those life interests and hobbies represent under Meet The Staff. Many of us give back to the community, and we post their stories as well under Giving Back.

Projects in acquisition and design truly begin with geotechnical engineering.  Successful construction projects begin with quality control. Being a regional firm by choice, we can offer some unique insight into our profession here in the State. When you begin your next project, check out Common Questions, where we will provide our technical tidbits to help you.

From The Ground[s] Up

Ok, you say, what is the connection here?  This is where the fun stuff comes in, after you realize that we do work with you professionally “from the ground up”.

We all need a great coffee shop – one that is off the beaten path – for ourselves or as a meeting place. A great coffee shop makes a reputation on the coffee it sells, and that reputation is thus developed “from the grounds up”. We share our best flavor and ambiance finds under Cool Coffee Shops.

A great Sunday drive is almost a lost art, and yet all of us long to cover some new ground from time to time. We share favorite routes and destinations, for driving or motorcycle riding, under Two Wheel Touring.

We also see this as a means to share news amongst ourselves.  At ground level, the more we know about ourselves, the better we remain One Alpha as we serve our client base in Texas. We do some cool things that often get overlooked in the day-to-day hustle of client services.

Where DID it all begin? In 1983 in Dallas, TX – thank you very much!

Texas Flag Painted on Wood - Cropped

Alpha Testing, Inc. Logo

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