35 years. Thank you.

Alpha TestingI am, however politically incorrect, a devotee of the internal combustion engine (ICE), and the vehicles that they power.  You can have your battery powered anything, golf carts included. But I digress.

As a fan of the ICE, I subscribe to Top Gear (automobiles) and Rider (motorcycles) magazines in the print, actually-mailed-to-me editions.  In the last quarter, these monthly publications celebrated their 300th and 500th issues, respectively.  If Alpha Testing ® was a magazine, Alpha would be publishing our 420th issue this month.

There was some commonality in the content within these two milestone publications, and I find some commonality with Alpha itself as we contemplate our first 35 years.

Each magazine celebrated the original and continuing purpose that would set the magazine apart, the purpose that set the USP for each, the one that made the original staff believe they could fill an unmet need and be valid in an already overcrowded market.  Alpha faced the same challenges, and also celebrates our USP – being first in service, by embracing and solving client needs daily.

Each magazine featured some retrospective aspect, touching on the evolving products, haircuts, and fashion over the years.  All this in an attempt to both laugh at themselves and to provide context and continuity to the reader.  Alpha has been there through it all as well – you should see the pictures – continuously providing trusted engineering that clients use to drive the success of their businesses.

Each magazine boldly states that they remain committed to bringing the best in investigative, creative, and entertaining news to their subscribers, as their industries continue to evolve.  Alpha also brings the best in investigative studies, and is constantly finding creative solutions for our clients in an evolving market.

We are, however, still working on that ‘entertaining’ part.

Each magazine closed with a sincere thank you to their client base, as will I.  Without their subscribers, and Alpha without our clients, the numbers 300, 420, and 500 never would have been reached.

35 years.  I thank you sincerely.

Jeffrey G. Wilt, PG
Executive Principal
Alpha Testing, Inc.

Alpha Testing

Kombucha Anyone?

Looking for a new place for your morning caffeine fix or kombucha? Try Mudsmith in Oak Lawn! Serving Avoca coffee, and with kombucha on tap, Mudsmith is the perfect place to start your day. Heading there on the weekend? Bring your four-legged friends with you to enjoy their pet-friendly patio! For more information, check out http://mudsmithcoffee.com/.

Alpha Testing

Alpha Testing

CANstruction Update!

The Archer Western, HNTB, and Alpha Testing team won the Canstruction Most Cans International Award this year, using 16,045 cans in our display! For more about this year’s entry, click here, and you can check out all the winners here!Alpha Testing

Alpha Testing

The Cold (and Rain) Never Bothered Us Anyway!

Team Alpha braved the elements last Saturday for the Form Follows Fitness 5K, benefiting the Dallas Center for Architecture! Even with the less than ideal conditions, it was a great event, with a course that took us past some of the best architecture in Dallas. Thanks to everyone who came by our booth (manned by Jacob Wadlington), and congrats to Junior Hernandez, Hannah McAdams, Allison Merecka, and Marianne Stanton for battling through the rain to get those awesome medals! Want to see more pics from the race? Check out https://www.facebook.com/FormFollowsFitness/. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Alpha Testing

Alpha Testing

10,000 and Counting!

Ever wonder how handwritten field reports turn into typed masterpieces? Behind the scenes, Alpha’s typists convert those reports to legible, typed documents for project managers to review. In record-setting fashion, Alpha’s Tiana Blackmon typed her 10,000th report in January, completing the feat in less than 8 months! That’s about 60-70 reports a day!

Tiana joined Alpha in May 2017, and has a Master of Science degree in Agricultural and Natural Resources Science from Tarleton State University. She hopes to use her degree to pursue research and community research opportunities.

If typing was an Olympic sport, Tiana would definitely bring home the gold! We’re glad to have her on our team!

Alpha Testing

Blackmon with report #10,000!

Alpha Testing

A Meeting with a Treat!

What’s better than getting out of the office for a few hours for a meeting? Getting free Frosters when you get there! Alpha’s Philip Johnson, Adam Heiman, and Courtney Ball recently visited Circle K at their San Antonio office and were greeted by a built in (complimentary) convenience store! This has us all asking, what’s your favorite Froster flavor?

Johnson-Heiman Circle K

Alpha Testing

Rodeo Time in Texas

Saddle up your horses and put your boots on because it’s Rodeo season in Texas. If you want to eat fried food, play carnival games, watch concerts, pet a few animals or purchase a cow, the Rodeo is the place to do it. No matter what Alpha service region you’re in, there’s a rodeo for you. Check out the lineups and dates below!

Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo: January 12th– February 3rd

San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo: February 8th– February 24th

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo: February 27th– March 18th

Alpha Testing

Alpha Testing